Thursday, May 29, 2014

GSSD and new company

2014 has brought a lot change so far. I am eager to see how the year unfolds. We are executing on a planned strategy and have high hopes. Wish us luck!

Below are updates I would like to share.

Dr. Horton has received funding and does not need GrowingStronger's support right now.  Dr. Wilcox has moved from LA and we are no longer supporting his lab. As a result we have some $$ left over from the initial fund. This is a nice problem to have. Dr. Mackenzie and Dr. Horton supported GrowingStronger in creating a grant that will invite other researchers to submit proposals. With the help of many we created the GSSD (Grant for the Study of Skeletal Dysplasia). See the website for details. With help from Dr. Morrys and others we got a number of submissions. Right now (May 29) we have invited a selected list to submit full proposals. We hope to announce grantees at the LPA board meeting. 

I hope that this initial GSSD process shows promise to the LP community and others jump-in to drive and support the fund. 

I have made a major shift in my career. After 13 years in semiconductors I have jumped into healthcare to focus on patient safety. 200,000 to 400,000 people die each year due to preventable medical errors. 1M preventable errors are reported each year. Up to $30B is wasted due to preventable errors. The nation has made patient safety and do no harm a major initiative. My brother who is surgeon at Johns Hopkins, he colleague and industry luminary Dr. Peter Pronovost and I have cofounded to help patients become a second pair of eyes and ears to help prevent harm.  Please visit and like us on facebook.

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